Best Lottie Player Plugin for WordPress: An Ultimate Review

Author: | Date: May 28, 2023 | Category: Plugin
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Are you looking for the best Lottie Player Plugin in WordPress?

Lottie Player Pro for WordPress is one of the best and feature-rich Lottie player plugins in the repository. After its release, the plugin already has 1500+ active installs, 100+ paid users, and 2500+ downloads.

Today we are going to do a detailed review of the plugin so that you get an idea of what this plugin is all about.

We will start by answering the most common query-

Why Do You Need a Lottie Player Plugin?

A Lottie player plugin is needed to play animations created using the Lottie animation format.

Lottie is a JSON-based animation format that allows designers and developers to create complex animations for web and mobile applications. Lottie animations are lightweight and scalable, and they can be easily integrated into different platforms and frameworks.

To play Lottie animations on a web page or a mobile app, you need a Lottie player plugin that can interpret the JSON files and render the animations on the screen. The Lottie player plugin acts as a bridge between the animation data and the visual representation of the animation.

Without a Lottie player plugin, you would not be able to display Lottie animations on your website or app. The plugin provides the necessary functionality to decode the JSON data and display the animation in a way that is compatible with the target platform.

Features You Should Look for in a Lottie Player Plugin

Before going and installing a Lottie Player plugin, you need to know what features the plugin should have. Just read the below list of features a Lottie Player plugin should have and save your valuable time-

  1. Compatibility: The plugin should be compatible with the platform or framework you are using, whether it’s a web page, mobile app, or desktop application.
  2. Performance: The player should be optimized for performance, allowing for smooth animations with minimal lag or stutter.
  3. Interactivity: The ability to add interactivity to Lottie animations, such as triggering animations on user input, is a useful feature to have.
  4. Support for Advanced Animations: Advanced Lottie animations, such as those with complex keyframe animations, masking, and blending modes, may require advanced features in the player to render correctly.
  5. Customization: The ability to customize the Lottie animation player’s appearance and behavior, such as changing the playback speed or loop behavior, can be useful for designers and developers.
  6. Cross-Platform Support: A Lottie player plugin that supports multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, and the web, can be helpful for cross-platform development.
  7. Ease of Integration: The plugin should be easy to integrate into your project, with clear documentation and support available if needed.

Now we are going to show what features the Lottie Player Pro Plugin has.

Best Lottie Player Plugin- Lottie Player Pro for WordPress

The amazing Lottie Player Pro for WordPress plugin has all the necessary features you will need in a Lottie Player plugin. The features include-

Full Customization

First of all, in order to show the animations just the way you want needs customizations. Fortunately, the Lottie Player pro for WordPress plugin has great customization options. You can embed and show your Lottie files on WordPress exactly the way you want.

You can choose any style from the long list of features.

This is a screenshot of an Lottie Animation


As we already said that having interactivity is a crucial feature for a Lottie Player plugin. And the Lottie Player Pro for WordPress has an interactivity feature. You can interact with your Lottie player with many actions such as scrolling with viewport position, cursor position in Lottie player, and animation in just one click.

Custom Styles

You can apply styles from the long list features of the Lottie Player Pro for WordPress plugin. You can apply all the styles of the Lottie player plugin such as width, background color, control height, background color, and control buttons color.

Shortcode Powered

The great thing about having a shortcode feature is you can use the shortcode to add the feature to anywhere on your website. Using the shortcode feature of Lottie Player Pro, you can show the Lottie files. and animations anywhere on the website.

Other Useful Features:

  • Upload lottie json file from media library
  • Direction settings in lottie player
  • Option for open link in new tab
  • Interactivity option in lottie player
  • Display the caption for lottie player
  • Style the caption text

Lottie Player Plugin Pricing

The Lottie Player Pro for WordPress has a free version. But if you want advanced functionalities then you need to buy the pro version.

this is a screenshot of Lottie Player Pricing

FAQ(s) on the Best Lottie Player Plugin

Can I create animation in Lottie?

Using Lottie for animation will not just help you make your product unique, but also give your users an improved UX. Developing it in After Effects will allow you to create your animation exactly the way you imagined it and test it before embedding it into the code.

Can Lottie export as GIF?

Simply drag and drop your Lottie animation file into our online converter tool or browse for the JSON file on your computer, and your GIF will be ready to download in just a few seconds.

Is Lottie better than GIF?

Lottie files are smaller than GIF files because they only contain the information needed to animate the shapes. In contrast, GIFs collect the entire image data for each animation frame. It makes Lottie files faster and more efficient for web or mobile applications.

Install the Lottie Player Pro for WordPress Today

So we are at the end of our review of the best Lottie player plugin the Lottie Player Pro for WordPress. We have reviewed all the features and hopefully given you a detailed overview of this plugin.

If you face any problems regarding using the Lottie Player Pro for WordPress, then do let us know in the comment section.

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