Lottie Player Pro for WordPress

The easy way to add stunning animations to your WordPress website.

Lottie Player PRO is a block Plugin for WordPress. It contains all required features that help you easily embed LottieFiles animation into your WordPress websites.

Elevate your posts, pages, widgets, and more with the ability to effortlessly embed any LottieFiles animations and json files. Upgrade your website’s visual appeal and leave a lasting impression on your audience with a few clicks.

Why Lottie Player Pro?

Lottie Player WordPress Block plugin is packed with huge numbers of features allowing you to achieve your goals. Let’s have a look at its features.

Fully Customizable

You can embed and show your Lottie files on WordPress exactly the way you want. Explore our huge list of features and choose your favorite styles.

Custom Styles

You’re free to apply all the styles of the Lottie player plugin such as width, background color, control height, background color, and control buttons color.


Interactive your Lottie player with many actions such as scrolling with viewport position, cursor position in Lottie player, and animation in just one click.

ShortCode Powered

Our plugin creates ShortCode for each Lottie player. It’s now easier to show Lottie files and animations anywhere you want.


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