3D Viewer for WordPress

With 3D Viewer, you can easily embed 3D models on your WordPress website. This plugin supports a variety of 3D model files, making it easy to display your 3D models beautifully and without any technical knowledge.

Why 3D Viewer?

3D Viewer can easily display interactive 3D models on the web. Supported file type .glb, .gltf


3D Viewer plugin extends the WooCommerce functionality. It enable you to Embed 3D models of your products in the product page.


A single JavaScript library is used that makes the embedder very Lightweight.

3D Gallery

Do you have varients of a products and have separate 3D models of each varient? No worries, you can add multiple 3D models and embed them as a gallery in the product page to attract the customers.

Lazy Loading

Improve User Experience, reduce loading time, and get ranked with Search Engine.


3D Viewer Plugin Pricing Plans

3D Viewer Backend Overview

Showcase your 3D files in a
beautiful way on WordPress!

Looking for some learning materials?

FAQs on 3D Viewer and bPlugins!

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