TikTok Feed for WordPress

B Tiktok Feed Plugin is a block plugin by which you can embed your Tiktok feed on your websites.

We have developed it in such a way that any user can give any desired look and feel on the widget. There are many options available by which you can turn your website visitors to tiktok followers.

Why TikTok Feed?

TikTok Feed is packed with huge numbers of features allowing you to achieve your goals.

Fully Customizable

Make the Tiktok feed look how you want with the markup you want.


Only the videos can be shown. For that you have to keep the profile option off.


Only the profile can be shown. For that, you have to keep the video option off.

Load Per page

How many videos to show on each load can be defined.


Pricing & Plans

Looking for some learning materials?


Showcase your TikTok Feed in a beautiful way.

FAQs on Tiktok Feed and bPlugins

Showcase your TikTok Feed in a beautiful way.

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