Header Promo

Header Promo is a light weight plugin which enable you to display promotional information in the header or footer of WordPress website. You can use this plugin to show Black friday, Cyber monday or other offers.
This promotional bar will help you getting more attentions of the visitors.
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Why Header Promo?

Header Promo is Packed with huge numbers of features allowing you to achieve your goals.

Fully customizable

Customize the header promo to your style. Change colors and background colors.


Show action button with custom text and custom colors and hover colors


Display text(message) of header promo. With the styles of the text.


Display the countdown for the promo. And style the countdown.


Showcase your Header Promo in a
beautiful way on WordPress!

FAQs on Header Promo and bPlugins!

Add value to your business
with the best Header Promo Plugin for WordPress!

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