B Carousel Block

Create stunning carousels effortlessly with the B Carousel Block. Showcase your images in an elegant carousel directly within the Gutenberg editor.

3000+ people using this awesome plugin to create awesome image carousel on WordPress.

Why B Carousel Block?

B Carousel Block Pro is packed with huge numbers of features that allow you to achieve your goals.

Rearrange Slides

Rearrange the slides in a single carousel without the need to delete and recreate them.

Slider Configuration Options

Enhance your slider with a variety of customization options.


Set a different column number for various devices. Additionally, you can choose to show/hide navigation and pagination on tablets and mobile devices.

ShortCode Powered

This plugin generates a ShortCode for each slider, allowing you to display sliders anywhere.


B Carousel Block Pricing Plans


Showcase your carousel in a beautiful way on WordPress.

FAQs on B Carousel Block!

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