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Quick Embedder, Custom CSS & Cloud API

Select Quick Embedder from Settings of PDF Poster. You can change the quick pdf embedder settings from here.

First of all, embed any pdf without creating a post. To do that enter [pdf_embed url=’your_file_url’] shortcode and replace your_file_url with your pdf file URL.

Also, for the settings of the quick embedder, set width, height, enable/disable Allow Print, Default Browser, Protect Content, Alert Message, Toggle Menu, show/hide File Name, Download Button, View Fullscreen Button.

PDF Poster Quick Embedder Settings
PDF Poster- Quick Embedder Settings

Custom CSS

Select Custom CSS from Settings. Here you can write Custom CSS.

PDF Poster Custom CSS
PDF Poster- Custom CSS

Cloud API

Insert Dropbox, Google, and Adobe keys in Settings > Cloud API.

Get the keys from here.

PDF Poster Cloud API Settings
PDF Poster- Cloud API Settings
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