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ShortCode Classic

First, disable Gutenberg Shortcode Generator to enable Classic Editor. After enabling Classic Editor, Add New Pdf from PDF Poster Menu.

Enter a title, Configure, Copy the shortcode and update the post. Use the shortcode in Post, Page, or Widgets.

PDF Poster Classic Editor
PDF Poster – Classic Editor


In Configure, add PDF sources from Link, Upload, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

PDF Poster - Classic Sources
PDF Poster – Classic Sources


For the options of PDF Poster:

Set Width, Height, Jump to Page, and Zoom Level.

Show/hide Only PDF, File Name on top, Download button on top, View Fullscreen button on top, and Horizontal Scrollbar.

Enable/disable Allow Print, Google Doc Viewer, Open in a new window, Protect my content, Thumbnails toggle menu, and Load the last version of the pdf.

PDF Poster - Classic Options
PDF Poster – Classic Options
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