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To show panorama in WooCommerce, install the WooCommerce plugin first. Go to the product edit page, there will be a settings panel called Panorama Settings.

In Panorama Settings, you will see the shortcode to implement on your product template. Select Panorama Type, Set Position, and Add Source to show panorama on the product page.

Add Panorama- Image

For the Image type, add the Image Source, enable/disable Auto Rotate, and show/hide Default Controls, Title, and Author.

Panorama- WooCommerce Image
Panorama- WooCommerce Image

Add Panorama- Video

For the Video type, add the Video Source, enable/disable 360º Video, Autoplay, Video Muted, Video Loop, set Initial Values, and show/hide Video Controls.

Panorama- WooCommerce Video
Panorama- WooCommerce Video
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