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In your sidebar settings, you will see the General tab is selected, if not select the General tab. Then you will see bellow options.


In the player settings, you can configure the player.

  • Lottie File: Enter URL or upload .json and .lottie file.
  • Controls: You can show controls to allow users to interact with the player.
  • Autoplay: You have the option to enable autoplay, allowing the animation to start automatically.
  • Loop: You can enable looping, making the animation repeat seamlessly.
  • Hover: The hover feature lets you enable interaction when the mouse hovers over the player.
  • Mode: You can choose from different playback modes to control how the animation behaves.
  • Direction: You can set the animation’s direction, such as forward or backward.
  • Count: This feature allows you to specify the number of times the animation should play.
  • Speed: You can adjust the playback speed of the animation.
  • Interval: This option enables you to set an interval between animation loops.
  • Link: You can add a link to the player, allowing users to navigate to a specific URL.
  • Open link in a new tab: Enable to open the link in the new tab.
Lottie Player- General- Player
Lottie Player- General- Player


Set different Interactivity such as Sync with scroll, Scroll relative to container, Scroll with offset, Sync animation with cursor position, Sync animation with cursor horizontal movement, Play animation on click, Play animation when visible.

Lottie Player- General- Interactivity
Lottie Player- General- Interactivity


You can show the Caption by enabling the Caption and entering the Text.

Lottie Player- General- Caption
Lottie Player- General- Caption
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