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  • Can I upload the Lottie file?

    Yes, you can upload both the .json and .lottie file formats to use with Lottie Player. Please note that uploading files is a premium feature.
  • Can I set the width and align the player?

    Absolutely! you can set the width for the player to match your desired design. Also, can align the player to the left, center, or right within its container.
  • Can I control the player?

    Yes, you can show the controls and interact with them to control the Lottie Player.
  • How many options has for the Lottie Player?

    You can show Controls, enable Autoplay, Loop and Link to the player for free. Also has premium feature such as enable Hover, set Mode, Direction, Count, Speed, Interval, and toggle Link in a new tab.
  • Can I use interactivity with the Lottie player?

    Yes, Lottie Player supports various interactive features as part of its premium features. You can use interactivity such as ‘Sync with scroll, Scroll relative to container, Scroll with offset, Sync animation with cursor position, Sync animation with cursor horizontal movement, Play animation on click, Play animation when visible’.
  • Can I display caption below the player?

    Absolutely! Lottie Player allows you to show caption below the player. You can customize the caption’s appearance, including Text Align, Typography, Colors(text and background), Padding, and Margin. Please note that caption is a premium feature.
  • Can I customize the player controls?

    Yes, Lottie Player provides options to customize the design of the controls. You can adjust the Height, Background Color, Icons Color, Icons Hover Color, Icon Active Color, Tracker Color, and Thumb Color to fit your website’s style.
  • Where can I get support?

    You can post your questions on the
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