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  • What is the Info Card Gutenberg plugin?

    Info Card is a powerful WordPress Gutenberg plugin designed to enhance your content with eye-catching information cards. It allows you to create visually appealing cards that display important details, statistics, or highlights within your posts and pages.
  • How do I create an info card using the plugin?

    Creating an info card is easy with the Info Card plugin. After installing, simply open the Gutenberg editor, select the Info Card block, and input your content. You can add titles, text, and images, and even customize the card’s style to match your website’s aesthetics.
  • Can I customize the appearance of the info cards?

    Absolutely! Info Card offers a range of customization options. You can choose from different card layouts, fonts, and colors, and even apply animations for a dynamic touch. This allows you to tailor the cards to your branding and make them visually engaging for your readers.
  • Are the info cards responsive and mobile-friendly?

    Yes, the Info Card plugin ensures that the created cards are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Regardless of the device your visitors are using, the info cards will adapt seamlessly, maintaining their readability and visual appeal.
  • Is Info Card compatible with other Gutenberg blocks and plugins?

    Certainly! The Info Card plugin is designed to integrate smoothly with other Gutenberg blocks and popular plugins. You can combine it with various content elements to create rich and interactive posts or pages that effectively communicate your message.
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