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Player Translation

Go to Player Translation from Settings, you will see the translation settings to set the labels in your preferred languages or in your preferred text.

You can change Restart, Rewind {seektime}s, Play, Pause, forward {seektime}s, Seek, {currentTime} of {duration}, Played, Buffered, Current time, Duration, Volume, Mute, Unmute, Enable captions, Disable captions, Download, Enter fullscreen, exit fullscreen, Player for {title}, Captions, Settings, PIP, Go back to previous menu, Speed, Normal, Quality, Loop, Start, End, All, Reset, Disabled, and Ad label from here.

Note: Please don’t touch any text between round brackets {}, those are dynamic variables eg: {currentTime}

HTML5 Video Player- Player Translation Settings
HTML5 Video Player- Player Translation Settings
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