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Quick Player

Select Quick Player from the HTML5 Video Player menu. You will see a shortcode([video_player file=yourvideo poster=poster.jpeg source=library]), use it to display the video player. Just set the video file URL, poster file URL, and source type.

You can configure the Quick Player from here. Such as, enabling/disabling Apply Html5 Video Player for all previous videos, Reset On End, Auto Hide Controls, and set Player Width, Seek Time, and Preload(Auto, Metadata, None).

HTML5 Video Player- Quick Player
HTML5 Video Player- Quick Player


For the Quick Player, show/hide the controls for the player. Such as Large Play, Restart, Rewind, Play, Fast Forward, Progress Bar, Current Time, Video Duration, Mute, Volume Control, Settings, PIP, Airplay, FullScreen, Download, and Controls Shadow. Also, option for Hide Youtube UI(experimental)

HTML5 Video Player Quick Player Elements
HTML5 Video Player- Quick Player Elements
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