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You can create playlists using this plugin. To create a playlist, go to Html5 Video Player > Playlists. You will see the add new button for the playlist. You can follow these steps:

  • Add a playlist by clicking Add New button.
  • Give a title for the playlist.
  • Configure the playlist such as Add Multiple Video, Colors(text and background), Hover Colors(text and background), Border Dimensions, and Border Color.
  • Change options from the right sidebar. Configure Repeat Video Playlist, Auto Play Next Video, Video Playlist Style, Muted, Player Width, Seek Time, Auto Hide Control, and Preload from here.
  • Also, show/hide the controls for the playlist player from the right sidebar.
HTML5 Video Player Playlist
HTML5 Video Player- Playlist

Multiple Video Sources

In Add Multiple Video option, you can add a video by clicking Add Video button. There will appear options to add a video for the playlist. Give a video title, choose the provider, add video and thumbnail source, add a description, and also can add quality and subtitle.

HTML5 Video Player Playlist Sources
HTML5 Video Player- Playlist Sources
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