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Configure the Player

There are various options available. We will explain each step in detail.

Video Source

  1. Select video source
  2. Enter the video source URL and video thumbnail
  3. These settings will work in Library or CDN sourceYouTube, and Vimeo
  1. There is another video source called AWS S3 File Manager
  2. You can also select video and thumbnail from AWS S3


  1. You can stream in the video player
  2. To stream video from the server, first, you have to enable the streaming option
  3. It supports Hls.js and Dash.js
  4. Paste the streaming source and add a thumbnail

Video Settings

  1. Video Start Time – You can set the video start time
  2. Enable Popup – Enable Popup to open this video as modal
  3. Enabled Sticky Mode – When a visitor will scroll to the bottom and the video is playing, the video will sticky on the top-right corner.
  4. Repeat – Two options are available. Once or Loop. You can choose according to your needs.
  5. Muted – Turn on if you want the video output should be muted.
  6. Auto Play – Turn on if you want video will start playing as soon as it is ready. autoplay policy
  7. Player Width – Set the player width. Height will be calculated base on the value. Left blank for Responsive player
  8. Seek Time – The time, in seconds, to seek when a user hits fast forward or rewind. The default value is 10 Sec.
  9. Auto Hide Control – On if you want the controls (such as a play/pause button, etc) to hide automatically.
  10. Reset On End – Video will reset to first and show thumbnail
  11. Preload – Specify how the video file should be loaded when the page loads.

Others Settings

Password Protected
  1. You can protect your video using a password
  2. To set the password in your player enable Password Protected
  3. After that, Enter the password and set a message for the users.
Quality and Subtitle
  1. You can set quality for the video
  2. Also can add subtitle for the video
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