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Quick Player

Select the Quick Player from settings you can use the quick shortcode to display the audio player quickly. Just add the audio URL in the shortcode.

Also, you can change the settings for the quick player.

  1. Repeat: Two options are available. Once or Loop. You can choose according to your needs.
  2. Muted: Turn on if you want the video output to be muted.
  3. Width: Set the player width. Height will be calculated based on the value. Left 100% for the responsive player.
  4. Seek Time: The time, in seconds, to seek when a user hits fast forward or rewind. The default value is 10 sec.
  5. Auto Play: Turn on if you want video will start playing as soon as it is ready. autoplay policy
  6. Controls Button: show/hide the controls buttons such as Restart, Rewind, Play, Fast Forwards, Progressbar, Duration, Current Time, Mute Button, Volume Control, Setting Button, Download Button
  7. Preload: Specify how the video file should be loaded when the page loads.
HTML5 Audio Player- Settings Quick Player
HTML5 Audio Player- Settings Quick Player
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