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In your sidebar settings, you will see the General tab is selected, if not select the General tab. Then you will see the options below.

Button Settings

Text: Enter the button text, or you can simply use the text from the button itself.

Action: Define the button’s action, whether it should open a link or a popup.


When selecting the link action, input the URL, toggle the ‘Open link in a new tab‘ option, and provide values for the ‘rel/relation‘ and ‘referrer-policy‘ attributes.

Also, you can download the file using by enabling the Download Button option. Also, set the file name for the downloadable file(This is an experimental feature, and it may not work reliably every time.). Note: Make sure the link is downloadable.

Additionally, you can enable the Download Button option to allow users to download the file. You can also specify the Download File Name for the file (please note that this is an experimental feature and may not work reliably every time). Please ensure that the link is downloadable.


Choose the popup action to open a popup with this button. Once this option is selected, you can customize the Popup Options.

Button Block- General- Button
Button Block- General- Button


Icon: Select an Icon, the library for the icon is Font Awesome v5, or upload your custom icon/image by enabling the Upload Icon option. The icon size will match the text size.

Tooltip: Enter the Tooltip Text to display the tooltip when hover over the button. You can also select the Tooltip Position.

Hide On: Hide the button on specific devices by enabling the Hide on [Device] option.

Button Block- General- Elements
Button Block- General- Elements


For design, you can enable Button Full Width to expand the button to full width. You can also set the Size and Type for further customization.

Button Block- General- Design
Button Block- General- Design


You can configure the animation Type and Duration right here.

This plugin incorporates AOS features, which trigger animations when the button enters the viewport while scrolling down the page.

Button Block- General- Animation
Button Block- General- Animation


Additionally, you have the option to add a custom ID to the button, and you can even write custom CSS for further styling.

Button Block- General- Additional
Button Block- General- Additional
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