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  • Is this plugin support custom post type?

    Yes! All the custom posts that come to your site. You just need to select that custom post from the right setting panel.
  • I have a custom post type, but it’s not showing up for selection!

    It’s possible that your custom post type is not supported by the REST API. You can add REST API support for your custom content types by following the steps outlined in this article: Adding REST API Support for Custom Content Types.
  • What is available post queries?

    For the query, you can change the post type, filter by taxonomies(categories, tags or custom), post per page, post order by, post order, and post offset.
  • Can I change post layouts?

    Yes! This plugin has five main layouts and multiple sub-layouts.
  • I want to slide the post! Is it possible?

    Yes! There is a slider layout to slide the posts.
  • Is this support responsive for different devices?

    Yes! You can set different columns for different devices.
  • Is this plugin have pagination?

    Yes! This plugin has pagination, but it will not for the slider and ticker layout.
  • Can I visible or hide post elements?

    Yes! you can every element, you can show or hide the title, feature image, meta-data, excerpt, read more button, etc.
  • Can I change the styles of the post elements?

    Yes! you can change content alignment, background, padding, and border. all element’s(title, metadata, excerpt, read more button) typography, colors, and spacing.
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