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Display 3D Models

Here is how you can Display 3D Models using the 3D Viewer Plugin,

Using ShortCode

  1. From your admin dashboard, click on Add New under the 3D Viewer menu.
  2. Give a title for the viewer. (optional)
  3. Upload a 3D file it supports only .glb and .glTF format.
  4. Copy the shortcode. (you can also copy the shortcode after published)
  5. Now publish/save the post.
3D Viewer- ShortCode Settings
3D Viewer- ShortCode Settings

Paste the shortcode in post, page, or text widget content. Save and view the content, you will see the 3D model is visible with the 3D Viewer.

3D Viewer- Preview
3D Viewer- Preview

Using Gutenberg

  1. Go to your Gutenberg Editor.
  2. Insert Model Viewer block.
  3. Upload a 3D model or insert a 3D model link.
3D Viewer- Gutenberg Add Block
3D Viewer- Gutenberg Add Block

Here is the 3D Viwer Gutenberg settings,

3D Viewer- Gutenberg Settings
3D Viewer- Gutenberg Settings

Save and view the content, you will see the 3D Viewer.

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