How to Embed a Document in WordPress

Author: | Date: Jun 02, 2024 | Category: document embedder pro
how to embed a document in wordpress

Embedding documents in your WordPress site is a great way to share information with users.

You can share PDFs, Word documents, and other file types directly within your posts and pages.

This enhances the user experience by allowing visitors to view or download documents without leaving your site and adds a layer of engagement to your content.

In this guide, we’ll show you the method for embedding documents, using a popular WordPress Plugin, “Document Embedder“.

Whether you need to embed a simple PDF or an interactive presentation, this guide will help you seamlessly integrate documents into your WordPress website.

Lets get started with-

Why You Should Embed a Document in Your WordPress Site

Embedding documents in WordPress offers several benefits that enhance both the user experience and the functionality of your website. Here are the key reasons why you might want to embed a document in WordPress:

1. Improved User Experience

Documents like PDFs, spreadsheets, or presentations allow visitors to view content directly on your site without needing to download files or open them in external applications.

It can provide interactive features such as clickable links, forms, or multimedia elements that engage users directly on your website.

2. Content Integration

It ensures that the document is an integral part of your content, maintaining the flow and coherence of the information you present.

Documents retain their original format, crucial for maintaining professional appearance and readability.

3. SEO Benefits

Embedded documents can be indexed by search engines, potentially improving your site’s SEO. Content within PDFs, for example, can be searched and indexed by Google, making your documents discoverable.

4. Convenience for Visitors

Visitors can view and interact with documents without needing special software or having to leave your site. This convenience can increase the time users spend on your page and reduce bounce rates.

5. Enhanced Collaboration and Sharing

Some embedded document platforms, like Google Docs or Microsoft OneDrive, offer collaboration features that allow multiple users to view and edit the document in real-time directly on your website.

Embedded documents can be easily shared across social media platforms, increasing the reach and visibility of your content.

Now, adding a document in WordPress can be a complex task. But if you are a using a plugin like Document Embedder, then your task will become easy, how?

Why Choose Document Embedder Plugin to Embed a Document in WordPress

The Document Embedder plugin has all the features in its free and pro versions to embed and customize any kind of file on your website. The features include- 

Support for any Document type: The plugin supports more than 15+ document types. You can easily embed any document such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Apple Pages, Psd, Pdf, and more. 

home page overview of document embedder plugin for WordPress

Fully Customizable: Yes, the Document Embedder plugin will let you customize your documents. You can set the Width and Height. Show/hide the File name on top, Download Button. Enable/disable Popout, Loading Icon, and Lightbox.

Google Drive and Dropbox Integration: The plugin has integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. Using the APIs of Google Drive and Dropbox, you can easily embed files directly from these platforms.

Best Document Embedder Plugin-dropbox, google drive integration

Lightbox Feature: Using the lightbox feature, users can view the embedded document in a pop-up. Also, you can change the Text, Color, Background, and Size of the Button.

Now, we will show you how to embed a document in WordPress.

How to Embed a Document in WordPress Using the Document Embedder Plugin

Now that you know the features of the document-embedded plugin, we will show you how to add a document in your WordPress site using the plugin. Here are the steps-

  • Step 1: Install the Document Embedder Plugin
  • Step 2: Display the Document
  • Step 3: Configure the Document

Step 1: Install the Document Embedder Plugin

Login into your WordPress Admin area. Click on the left-side Plugin menu. Now, Go to the right side and search for the Plugin “Document Embedder“ and Click on to Install Now Button.

Once the Plugin is installed, click on Activate Button. Now, you can show in your Admin Panel, the new menu added called Document Embedder.

Step 2: Display the Document

From your admin dashboard, click on Add New Doc under the Document Embedder menu. Give the title of the post and upload a document file.

You can also copy the shortcode after publishing the document. Now publish the post.

You can paste the shortcode in post, page, or text widget content. After saving the content, you will see the Document Embedder is showing the Document on your site.

Step 3: Configure the Document

When creating a Document Embedder post, you will see the configuration area under the shortcode area. From there you can configure the Document Embedder.

Document Embedder- Configuration
Document Embedder- Configuration

Read: The Detailed configuration of Document Embedder plugin

And you are done.

How to Add a Document From Google Drive and Dropbox

For the sources, upload a document file or you can select a file from Dropbox or Google Drive. If you select a file from Google Drive enable the “I want to use Google Drive” option.

You can also change the various options of the Document. Including the Width and Height ,File name on top, Download Button.

You can also add a lightbox feature. To Enable Lightbox to view the Document in Popup you can change the Text, Color, Background, and Size of the Button.

Document Embedder- LightBox Configuration
Document Embedder- LightBox Configuration

This is how you can customize the document using the Document Embedder plugin.

Last Words on how to embed a document in WordPress

Embedding documents in WordPress is a straightforward process that enhances the user experience by providing seamless access to various file types directly on your website.

Whether you’re sharing PDFs, Word documents, or other formats, you can use the Document Embedder plugin to complete these tasks.

By adding documents to your WordPress posts and pages, you not only keep your content organized but also make it more accessible and engaging for your audience. With these steps, you can ensure your website remains a dynamic and resourceful platform for all your visitors.

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