State of The Word 2023 by Matt Mullenweg: Features WordPress Going to Work with in 2024

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State of The Word 2023 by Matt Mullenweg

On December 11, 2023, Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress, took the stage as the keynote speaker at the State of the Word 2023 event in Madrid, Spain. Signifying a significant milestone for the WordPress community, this marked the inaugural international State of the Word gathering, ushering in a thrilling new era.

“State of the Word is the yearly presentation in which Matt Mullenweg, WordPress co-founder and project lead, talks about the previous year’s wins and the plans for the upcoming year.”

During his address, Matt Mullenweg reminisced about WordPress’s 20th anniversary in the previous year and underscored notable accomplishments in 2023. He unveiled upcoming initiatives for 2024 focused on data liberation and enhancing web accessibility.

Following the keynote, Matt actively engaged in a dynamic question-and-answer session, addressing inquiries from the audience that spanned a diverse range of topics.

Let’s learn more about this hyped event of WordPress. 

Looking Back to WordPress 2023

Both Matt and Matías provided insights into the strides made in 2023. They highlighted significant achievements, including-

WordPress Turned 20!

On May 27th, WordPress turned 20. What a milestone to celebrate! How rare it is to find something that has lasted on the internet for 20 years.

The WordPress community hosted 70 WordCamps in 33 countries. 

WordCamps are events for anyone using or building with WordPress. 

In 2023, there were 70 WordCamps hosted across 33 countries. After the scare of COVID-19 restrictions these events till 2021, in 2023 we can finally say that WordCamps are back on track. 

Openverse won the Open Education Award for Excellence. 

Openverse serves as an open-source media library, offering convenient access to a repository of free-to-use images, audio, and other media resources. Notably, this library seamlessly integrates into, allowing users to effortlessly insert images directly from Openverse into their content.

WordPress launched its incredible Playground tool

This functionality enables users to set up a WordPress environment directly within their web browser. This represents a groundbreaking development for developers, and in the future, it holds the potential to assist new WordPress users in experimenting with and testing new plugins or features with ease.

Twenty-Twenty Four Theme!

Introducing Twenty-Twenty Four, the latest default theme for WordPress, now accessible to users. Boasting full customization capabilities, this theme has been crafted to be adaptable, versatile, and suitable for a wide range of websites.

The Site Editor’s capabilities soared this year

In terms of writing, notable additions include the introduction of footnotes and a distraction-free writing mode, among other features. 

On the design front, users can now enjoy more intuitive styling, simplified customizations, and a vast array of new themes. To delve deeper into these updates, feel free to peruse our blog archives for a comprehensive exploration of these exciting changes.

WordPress Future Plans for 2024

Matt Mullenweg then talked about what to expect from WordPress in 2024-

Seamless migration

In 2024, WordPress is set to embark on a mission to “unlock the web,” prioritizing the development of migration tools. Whether transitioning from another WordPress host or migrating from an entirely different platform such as Wix or Squarespace, WordPress is dedicated to streamlining these processes, aiming to make transitions as seamless and painless as possible for users.

Real-time collaboration. 

A groundbreaking feature is set to be introduced, allowing multiple users to simultaneously edit content and design. This collaborative functionality ensures that changes made by users are synced in real-time, fostering a more efficient and collaborative editing process.

Next-level patterns

The progress on patterns gained significant momentum in 2023 and is poised to reach new heights in 2024. This advancement encompasses features such as enhanced syncing capabilities, increased customization options, and refinements to the site-wide implementation of patterns. These developments are set to provide users with more powerful and flexible tools for creating and customizing their websites.

Performance improvements

Anticipate a substantial boost in efficiency with the upcoming WordPress releases as typing, uploading media, and publishing—essentially, all actions—will occur at a significantly accelerated pace, approximately 2-3 times faster. This enhancement aims to provide users with a smoother and more responsive experience when interacting with the platform.

Dashboard/admin refresh

The backend of your site is in for a transformation as it undergoes a makeover, adopting more of the look and feel of the Site Editor. This evolution is scheduled to unfold gradually throughout the course of 2024, promising a more cohesive and user-friendly experience when managing and navigating the backend of your website.

Highlights from the Q&A Session

Matt also addressed many audience questions during the Q&A portion. Here are some highlights:

  • WordCamp US 2024 is scheduled to take place in Portland, Oregon, spanning from September 16 to 19. 
  • During discussions about AI’s role in assisting WordPress users while upholding principles of openness and freedom, Matt Mullenweg explored the potential of AI for productivity enhancements and educational purposes.
  • In addressing the future of plugin monetization, Matt recommended a shift towards building direct audience relationships and subscriptions, emphasizing a departure from reliance on advertising.
  • Responding to inquiries about Automatic, the company behind, going public, Matt clarified that there are currently no plans for an Initial Public Offering (IPO).
  • Regarding the topic of headless WordPress, Matt expressed the view that it can be a suitable choice depending on specific site needs, cautioning against overselling its benefits in some instances.

Key Takeaways from State of the Word 2023

In short, here’s what we learned from state of the word 2023-

  • The year 2023 marked a monumental milestone for WordPress as it celebrated its 20th anniversary in May. The global WordPress community came together with enthusiasm, organizing a total of 70 WordCamp events across 33 countries, underscoring the widespread and enduring impact of this influential content management system.
  • In the upcoming year of 2024, significant importance will be placed on data liberation within the WordPress ecosystem. The primary objective is to concentrate efforts on to develop robust migration tools. These tools aim to facilitate a seamless transition between platforms and hosts, empowering users with greater flexibility and control over their data and online presence.
  • WordPress aims to “unlock the web” by focusing on data liberation and cultivating an ethos of data ownership and freedom.
  • Updates on the Gutenberg roadmap were provided – phase 3 around collaboration is underway and phase 4 will tackle multilingual functionality.
  • The new Twenty Twenty-Four default theme showcases the full power of Gutenberg customization and offers 35+ pre-built patterns.

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