Guide on How to Embed a 3D Model Viewer in WordPress

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As any kind of business continues to evolve, so does the demand for immersive and engaging content. One fascinating way of gaining popularity is the integration of 3D model viewers on WordPress websites, offering users a unique and interactive experience.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey while unlocking the secrets to seamlessly embedding a 3D model viewer in your WordPress site.

Whether you’re a digital artist showcasing your creations, an eCommerce enthusiast displaying products in all their glory, or simply a tech-savvy individual looking to elevate your website’s visual appeal, this guide is your gateway to transforming your online space.

Lets start with-

Importance of Adding 3D Model Viewer in WordPress

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Integrating a 3D model viewer into your WordPress website can significantly enhance the user experience and offer several compelling advantages:

  1. Enhanced Visual Appeal and Engagement: 3D models provide a more immersive and interactive experience compared to traditional 2D images or videos. Users can rotate, zoom, and inspect 3D models from various angles, gaining a deeper understanding of the product or object being showcased. This interactive nature can increase user engagement and time spent on your website.
  2. Improved Product Visualization: 3D models allow potential customers to examine products in detail, visualizing the product’s features, dimensions, and textures more accurately than 2D images. This detailed visualization can lead to better-informed purchasing decisions and reduce product returns.
  3. Enhanced Brand Image and Differentiation: Incorporating 3D models into your website demonstrates innovation and technical expertise, setting your brand apart from competitors. It showcases your commitment to providing an exceptional user experience and can attract a tech-savvy audience.
  4. Accessibility for All Users: 3D models offer a more accessible way to present product information, particularly for individuals with visual impairments. The ability to interact with and explore 3D models can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the product, even for those with limited vision.
  5. Global Reach and Localization: 3D models are a powerful tool for reaching a global audience, as they transcend language barriers and cultural differences. The visual nature of 3D models allows users to understand product information without relying on text descriptions, making it easier to cater to international markets.
  6. Versatility for Diverse Applications: 3D model viewers can be used for a wide range of applications beyond product visualization. They can be used to showcase architectural designs, medical models, educational materials, and even virtual art exhibitions.
  7. Seamless Integration with WordPress: Numerous WordPress plugins are available to seamlessly integrate 3D model viewers into your website. These plugins provide user-friendly interfaces and customization options to make the process straightforward and efficient.

As you can see adding 3D model viewers into your WordPress website offers many benefits, enhancing user experience, improving product visualization, strengthening brand image, and expanding your reach.

Now, lets see how to embed a 3D model viewer in WordPress.

How to Embed a 3D Model Viewer in WordPress

WordPress makes it easy to add a 3d Model viewer in WordPress. Because when you have a plugin like 3D Model Viewer, then you can easily add 3D images to your WordPress site. The plugin was launched recently and already has 2500+ active installations and 200 paid users. 

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We are going to use the 3D Model Viewer plugin to show you how to embed a 3D model viewer in WordPress.

Lets see the steps-

  • Step 1: Install and Activate 3D Model Viewer Plugin
  • Step 2: Configure 3D Model Viewer Plugin
  • Step3; Display 3D Models in Your WordPress Site

Lets see the steps in details.

Step 1; Install and Activate 3D Model Viewer Plugin

There are three ways to install and activate the 3D Viewer plugin on your WordPress site.

You can Install By Uploading Plugin-

  1. Download the latest version of the 3D Viewer Plugin
  2. Login into your WordPress Admin area
  3. Now at the top of the page, you can see the Add New button, click on that buttons
  4. Click the Upload Plugin button, and click on that button for the following process.
  5. Click on “Choose File“.

Now upload the Plugin zip file and click on the “Install Now” button. Lastly, activate the Plugin

This is a screenshot of 3d Viewer- Install by Upload
3D Viewer- Install by Upload

Or you can install the plugin right from the dashboard-

  1. Login into your WordPress Admin area
  2. Click on the left-side Plugin menu
  3. Now, Go to the right side and search for the Plugin “3D Viewer”
  4. Click on the Install Now Button
  5. Once the Plugin is installed, click on Activate Button
This is a screenshot of 3d Viewer- Install by Search
3D Viewer- Install by Search

Step 2: Configure the 3D Model Viewer Plugin

After installing the plugin, go to the 3D Viewer menu, you will see a message to allow or skip the important update and feature updates notifications. You can allow or skip this. After that, you will see the submenus under the 3D Viewer menu.

This is the screenshot of 3D Viewer-  Allow after Install
3D Viewer- Allow after Install

Here is what the menu will look like after installing the plugin.

This is the screenshot of 3D Viewer- Admin Menu
3D Viewer- Admin Menu

Step 3: Display 3D Images on Your WordPress Site

You can Display 3D Models using the 3D Viewer Plugin by-

Using ShortCode

  1. From your admin dashboard, click on Add New under the 3D Viewer menu.
  2. Give a title for the viewer
  3. Upload a 3D file it supports only .glb and .glTF format.
  4. Copy the shortcode
  5. You can also copy the shortcode after it is published
  6. Now publish/save the post.
This is the screenshot of 3D Viewer- ShortCode Settings
3D Viewer- ShortCode Settings

Paste the shortcode in post, page, or text widget content. Save and view the content, you will see the 3D model is visible with the 3D Viewer.

This is the screenshot of  3D Viewer- Preview
3D Viewer- Preview

Or you can display 3D Images using Gutenberg block editor-

  1. Go to your Gutenberg Editor.
  2. Insert Model Viewer block.
  3. Upload a 3D model or insert a 3D model link.
This is the screenshot of  3D Viewer- Gutenberg Add Block
3D Viewer- Gutenberg Add Block

Here are the 3D Viwer Gutenberg settings.

This is the screenshot of  3D Viewer- Gutenberg Settings
3D Viewer- Gutenberg Settings

Save and view the content, you will see the 3D Viewer.

Add 3D Models to Your Site From Today!

We are at the end of our guide and hopefully now you can easily add 3D Images on your WordPress site. Remember, the key to a successful implementation lies in selecting the right tools and ensuring a seamless user experience.

And the 3D Model Viewer plugin will certainly meet your expectations and make it easy to add 3D images.

As technology continues to advance, also the possibilities of business. Stay curious, experiment with new features, and keep pushing the boundaries of what your WordPress site can offer.

If you face any trouble with adding 3D models to your WordPress site, then please let us know in the comment section.

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