How to Choose The Best Document Viewer Plugin for WordPress

Author: | Date: Apr 09, 2023 | Category: Plugin
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WordPress lets you embed documents on your website. But it doesn’t let you customize your documents the way you want. Also, you can’t embed every type of document type in WordPress. 

That is why users rely on the plugins that will help them add, embed and customize any type of document in WordPress. 

There are quite a few plugins available in the repository that will help you customize your docs the way you want. One of those plugins is the Document Viewer plugin

The plugin was recently launched and already has 2500+ active installations, 1000+ paid users, and 46 five-star ratings. 

We are going to conduct a detailed review of this amazing plugin where we will talk about its features, pricing and it’s capabilities. 

But first, we are going to start with-

Why You Need a Document Viewer Plugin

A document viewer plugin can be helpful in several ways, depending on the context in which it is used. Here are some reasons why you might need a document viewer plugin:

  1. Compatibility: Not all document formats are supported by all web browsers, and not everyone has the same software installed on their computer. A document viewer plugin can help ensure that your audience can view your documents, regardless of the software they have installed.
  2. Security: A document viewer plugin can help keep your documents secure by preventing users from downloading or copying the document’s content. This can be especially important if you are sharing confidential or sensitive information.
  3. Convenience: A document viewer plugin can make it easier for your audience to view and interact with your documents, without downloading or opening them in a separate application. This can be especially useful if you are sharing documents on a website or in an online course.
  4. Customization: A document viewer plugin can be customized to match the look and feel of your website or application, making it a seamless and integrated experience for your users.

Overall, a document viewer plugin can provide a number of benefits in terms of compatibility, security, convenience, and customization, making it a valuable tool for sharing and presenting documents online.

Features You Need to Look for Before Installing a Document Viewer Plugin

Before installing any kind of plugin on your website, you need to make sure you know what features you are looking for. Otherwise, you will end up with a plugin that you don’t need and it will overwhelm your website. 

The same goes for the Document Viewer plugin as well. You need certain features so that it meets all the criteria you are looking for. Features including-

  • Customization options
  • Flexibility
  • Integration with the likes of Google, Onedrive, and Dropbox
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface.

Now, let’s look at what the Document Viewer plugin has to offer. 

Document Viewer Plugin Review – Amazing Features

home page of WordPress document viewer plugin by bPlugins

The Document Viewer plugin meets all the criteria that one looks for in a document plugin. It has all the necessary features including-

Fully Customization

The plugin lets you customize all your documents. You can select a viewer like, 

  • Google Doc Viewer (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF).
  • Microsoft Online Viewer (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint).
  • JS Viewer (PDF)

And also set –

  • Width and Height.
  • Show/hide the File Name on Top, Download Button on Top.
  • Enable/disable Right Click.
The screenshot of customization option of the Best Document Viewer Plugin

Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox

The plugin has integration with both Google Drive and Dropbox. That means you can show documents right from Google Drive and Dropbox. All you need to do is add the source and set the height, and width. 

The screenshot of viewer setup of Document viewer plugin

Download Options

Download options are necessary as viewers may want to download documents from your website. With the Document Viewer plugin, you can allow users to download the documents right from your website. 

That way they don’t have to leave your website and it will decrease the bounce rate as well. 

Other Features include-

  • View Document by Google Doc Viewer
  • Disable/Enable Pop-out
  • Show/Hide File Name in Top
  • Show/Hide Download Button on Top
  • Disable/Enable Right Click. 

As you can see the Document Viewer plugin has all the necessary features to display documents to accommodate your website style. 

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Pricing of WordPress Document Viewer

The plugin has a free version in the WordPress repository. But if you want more advanced features, then you need to download the premium version

Document viewer plugin pricing plan


1. How do I add a PDF viewer to WordPress?

Ans: Simply open the page or post where you want to show the PDF and then click on the ‘+’ button. You can now start typing in ‘Embed PDF. js Viewer’ and select the right block when it appears. After that, click on ‘Choose PDF’ to open the WordPress media library.

2. How do I embed a document in WordPress?

Ans: To do that in Classic editor, go to Pages > Add New. Since you’ve activated the Embed Any Document plugin, you’ll notice the Add Document option (next to the default Add Media button). Click on it to upload your file or paste the document URL.

3. Can I display a PDF to WordPress?

Ans: Click the Add Media button (above the editing toolbar buttons). Click Select Files or drag your PDF file into the dotted box. Your PDF document will be imported into the WordPress Media library. Once the uploading/crunching process has been completed, enter the text you require (for the link on the page) in the Title box.

Install the Document Viewer Plugin Today

We are at the end of our review and hopefully, you now know all about the amazing Document Viewer plugin. 

WordPress makes it easy to add documents to your website. However, as we said earlier, it lacks options and customizations. You need a plugin to be able to do that. 

The document viewer plugin will help you do that. Also, the plugin is very lightweight so it won’t create any extra pressure on your website as well. 

If you face any troubles, then do let us know in the comment section. We will surely help you. 

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