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panorama plugin for WordPress

If you have a real estate company and you wish to display your properties, then the best way to do that is by using panorama images. Or if you have a Travel & Hospitality business or an architecture farm, the best way to show your work is through panorama images. Why?

Because panoramic images will enable the users to view the property or destinations and accommodations in-depth. They will be able to see the whole view and make their decisions more swiftly. 

And if you are a WordPress user, then adding a panorama image to your website is very easy. When you have a plugin like the Panorama plugin, then you can easily add and customize panoramic images to your website. 

The plugin was recently launched and it already has 2000+ active installations with 230+ paid users. 

We are going to conduct a detailed review of this Panorama plugin so that users can understand what the plugin is all about. 

Let’s start with the basic query-

Why Do You Need a Panorama Plugin?

A panorama plugin can be useful for several reasons: 

  • Stitching multiple images: If you have several images of a scene, a panorama plugin can help you stitch them together to create a wider, panoramic view. 
  • Correcting distortion: Panorama plugins can also correct the distortion that may occur when taking panoramic images, such as barrel distortion or vertical perspective distortion. 
  • Enhancing color and tone: A panorama plugin may also have tools for enhancing the color and tone of the panoramic image, to make it look more vibrant and professional. Overall, a panorama plugin can save time and effort in creating panoramic images, and help you achieve better results than you might be able to achieve manually.

Features You Need Before Choosing a Panorama Plugin

Before you choose any plugin that has the panorama feature, make sure that plugin has these features-

  • Customizable
  • 360-degree view
  • Panorama gallery option
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lightweight. 

Panorama Plugin Review: Amazing Features


Now, the Panorama plugin is one of the best panorama plugin in the WordPress industry. It has the necessary features including-

Fully Customizable

Users have complete control of customizing the panorama images. The plugin will let you add an Image Source. Set Width and Height. Enable/Disable Auto Rotate. Also, Show/Hide Default Control.

In other words you can customize the images the way you like. 

The screenshot of the Panorama plugin settings

Tour 360 Degree

You can add multiple images together and make it into a virtual tour using this feature. In the Tour 360º item and for each item add Name, Image. For the option you can enable Title & Author to display the Title and Author. HotSpot to target another Tour 360° item. Also, set Text and Target ID.

The screenshot of the Panorama plugin settings -Tour 360

Panorama Gallery

You can create a gallery of all your panorama images. You can set Gallery Limits, and Load More Button Text, Color, Background, Hover Background.

The screenshot of the Panorama plugin settings-Gallery

Panoramic Street View

This is an interesting feature. You can Display Panoramic street view from google street view. You can set the Width and Height of the Panorama Viewer.

The screenshot of the Panorama plugin settings-Google Street View

More features include-

  • Versatile: You can embed your 360 Photos, Videos, 
  • Lightweight: Very lightweight plugin, it does not impact to your site speed.
  • Multiple Source: It supports external links for your panoramic files, also you can store the file in the WordPress media library.
  • Elementor: It works great with the Elementor page builder 
  • User-friendly interface: This plugin come up with a clean and easy-to-use interface
  • ShortCode: The ShortCode API enabled you to embed the model anywhere on the site.

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Pricing for WordPress Panorama Plugin

There is a free version of the Panorama WordPress plugin. But if you want advanced features then you should buy the premium version

Panorama plugin pricing


1. What types of images can be stitched together using a panorama plugin?

Ans: A panorama plugin can stitch together any type of image, as long as they are shot from the same location and have some overlapping areas. This includes images shot with a smartphone, DSLR camera, or any other type of camera.

2. Can a panorama plugin correct perspective distortion in panoramic images?

Ans: Yes, many panorama plugins have tools to correct the perspective distortion that may occur when taking panoramic images. These tools can help straighten vertical lines and correct barrel distortion, resulting in a more natural and realistic panoramic view.

3. Do you need advanced photography skills to use a panorama plugin?

Ans: No, using a panorama plugin does not require advanced photography skills. Most panorama plugins have user-friendly interfaces that guide you through the process of stitching images together and correcting distortion. However, it’s important to shoot the images correctly with some overlap to ensure a successful stitch.

4. Can a panorama plugin be used to create 360-degree panoramas?

Ans: Yes, some panorama plugins have features for creating 360-degree panoramas. These plugins can stitch together images in all directions, creating a seamless and immersive panoramic view that can be used in virtual tours or on websites. However, creating 360-degree panoramas may require some additional equipment and techniques such as capturing images using a special tripod head or using an action camera with a 360-degree lens.

Install the Best Panorama Plugin Today

We are at the end of our review and hopefully, you now know everything about the features of the Panorama plugin. 

Panorama images can be a game-changer for you. Especially if you have businesses like real estate, travel, hospitality, and photography. These images will give users a detailed view of the product you are selling and will help them choose the perfect one that suits them. 

And with the help of the Panorama plugin, you can easily add and customize panoramic images to your website. 

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