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We are going to conduct a detailed PDF Poster plugin review. 

WordPress lets you embed pdf files to your pages and posts. Users can come to your website and see the PDF file as a downloadable link. Then in order to see the contents of your PDF file they need to download the PDF file. 

Feels like a lot of hassle. And usually, users won’t take that trouble to download and read the plugin. They want to read the file right from the website. That is where a WordPress PDF plugin comes in. 

Yes, using a PDF plugin like PDF Poster for WordPress can help you embed pdf to your website where users can read the file from the website. The plugin already has more than 20000+ active installations and 100+ 5-star reviews in the WordPress repository. 

Also, the plugin offers other customization to your PDF file. We are going to see a detailed review of this plugin. But first, 

Why Do You Need a WordPress PDF Plugin

As you have already guessed that WordPress doesn’t let you show the contents of the PDF file. This impacts your site performance as it reduces screen time. Because users must leave your site in order to read the PDF content. 

The worst case is, they won’t even return later. This is bad for many users.  For example, someone who is planning to visit your restaurant may prefer to read the PDF menu on your website rather than download a copy to their device. 

But a PDF plugin will help you show the contents of the PDF file directly from the website. That helps increase the session time and ultimately impacts your site’s performance positively. 

A PDF plugin will reduce the bounce rate as well. 

But you need to choose the right PDF plugin. That takes us to this next part, 

Features to Look for Before Installing a WordPress PDF Plugin

We have seen a lot of cases where users install the wrong plugin and suffer in the long run. The wrong plugin can hamper your website as it can slow down and impact the site’s performance. 

The same goes for a PDF plugin as well. If you choose the wrong one then instead of increasing the page session, it may increase the bounce rate. So, you need to look for some particular features when installing a PDF plugin. Like, 

  • Full customization
  • Content protection
  • File organization
  • Integration with Gutenberg
  • Custom size
  • Paginitaion and more. 

And we got the right plugin in mind that has all the above features. That is the PDF Poster plugin. Let’s see what features it has. 

PDF Poster Plugin: A Detailed Review

PDF poster plugin for WordPress home page overview

The PDF Poster plugin has both a free version and a premium version. We are going to review both. 

PDF Poster Plugin review: The Free Version

The free version of the PDF Poster plugin has all the features you need to get started including, 

Gutenberg Block Enabled

As the plugin has integration with Gutenberg, you can easily use a Gutenberg block to embed your PDF file. 

That makes it easy to add a PDF file to any post and page. That way you can add a PDF file anywhere on your website. 

Printing Enabled

Users can print directly from the website. Yes, as an admin you can enable the printing option for the PDF file. 

So when the user is viewing the PDF file in full screen, they can print the file directly from the website. 

Customizable Height and Width

In order to adjust your website design, you can customize the height and width of the PDF file. 

Yes, from the Gutenberg block, you can specify the height and width of your PDF File so that it doesn’t look awkward and break the design of your website. 

Now, let’s see the features of the Premium version. 

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PDF Poster Plugin review: The Premium Version

You will get a lot of advanced features in the premium version. Like, 

Fully Customizable

Other than height and width you can also customize the other aspects of your PDf file. You can Enable/disable Adobe PDF embedder, Protect my content, Alert, Row PDF, Thumbnails toggle menu, Load the last version of the PDF, show/hide the Title on top, Horizontal Scrollbar, set the Initial page, Zoom Level, and more. 

PDF Poster Plugin Review-PDf settings

Protect PDF Content

If you have a PDF file that is exclusive to you and you don’t want your users to download the PDF file, then you can use the Protect My Content feature of the PDF Poster plugin.

Just enable the feature and users won’t be able to download the PDF file. Also, it will provide copyright protection as well. 

PDF Creation without Creating a Post

Yes, by using the quick embedded feature of the PDf Poster plugin, you can create a PDF without creating a post. 

Just enter [pdf_embed url=’your_file_url’] shortcode and replace your_file_url with your pdf file URL.

Also, you can customize and set width, and height, enable/disable Allow Print, Default Browser, Protect Content, Alert Message, Toggle Menu, show/hide File Name, Download Button, and View Fullscreen Button.

PDF Poster Plugin Review-Quick embedder

Custom CSS

If you are not satisfied with any of the designs or if you want to tweak something, then you can use Custom CSS as well. 

The PDF Poster plugin is flexible and if you have technical knowledge, you can use CSS codes to customize the PDF file the way you like. 


You can use the default presets to customize your PDF file as well. 

In the preset section, you can set width, height, enable/disable Allow Print, Open in New Window, Protect Content, Thumbnails Toggle Menu, show/hide Only PDF, File Name, Download Button, View Fullscreen Button.

PDF Poster Plugin Review-preset

Other powerful features include 

  • Raw PDF viewer to embed pdf file without the black viewer frame
  • [pdf_embed] shortCode allow you to embed pdf without listing.
  • Quick Embed And ShortCode generator In classic editor.
  • Sidebar toggle menu in viewer
  • Translate Download and View Full-Screen buttons
  • Set Jump to the page number to show a specific page of the pdf file.

You can read the guide on how to use the features of the PDF Poster plugin. 

So you can see that the PDF Poster plugin has all the features you need to create amazing PDF files on your website. 

Pricing for WordPress PDF Poster Plugin

You can start using the premium version by paying $30 as a one-time payment for a single site. 

PDF Poster Plugin Review-pricing

FAQ(s) on WordPress PDF Plugin

1. How do I make a WordPress-viewable PDF?

Ans: Just open the page or post where you want to show the PDF and then click on the ‘+’ button. You can now start typing in ‘Embed PDF. js Viewer’ and select the right block when it appears. After that, click on ‘Choose PDF’ to open the WordPress media library.

2. Can you host a PDF on WordPress?

Ans: Click the Add Media button (above the editing toolbar buttons). Click Select Files or drag your PDF file into the dotted box. Your PDF document will be imported into the WordPress Media library. Once the uploading/crunching process has completed, enter the text you require (for the link on the page) in the Title box.

3. Can I display PDF on WordPress?

Ans: Go to WordPress and open the page or post you want to embed your PDF in. Switch to the Text tab of the editor and paste in the Scribd embed code. Once you preview or publish the post, you should see the PDF on your front-end site.

Choose the Best WordPress PDF Plugin “PDF Poster”

We are at the end of our review and hope you have become aware of what the PDF Poster plugin can do. 

PDF plugin can make your life easy as it enables you to add customizable PDF files to your website. Using the PDF Poster plugin you can accomplish everything you want for a PDF file. 

If you have any questions regarding the use of this plugin, then do let us know in the comment section. 

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