HTML5 Video Player Review: Free vs Premium Version

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Videos are becoming a great way to boost engagement on any website. Research says that videos will soon make up 82 percent of global internet traffic. Also, videos have great educative value as well. People typically retain about 95% of the message after watching a video.  

Aside from marketing benefits, videos also boost the user experience as well. WordPress supports embedding videos. The Gutenberg editor offers a video block for embedding videos on your pages and posts with some options you can toggle, but that’s pretty much it.

That is why you need the support of a WordPress video plugin like HTML5 Video Player. The plugin has more than 26K+ active installations and has all the features of an advanced video player. 

We will do a detailed HTML5 Video Player review to give you an insight into what you are getting with this plugin. 

Let’s jump right in. 

HTML5 Video Player Review: The Free Version

We will start with the free version of the HTML5 Video Player plugin

The plugin has all the features to add a basic video to your WordPress site. Here is what you will get when you install the free version of the plugin, 

Shortcode Generator: Add the Video Player to Any Pages or Posts Easily

When you install the free version you can embed the video player easily into your pages, and posts. 

You just need to add or upload your video file or upload the URL link of the video and configure the basic settings (repeat, autoplay, mute, reset on end, etc). 

You will also see a shortcode generated for your video player. Use that shortcode to embed the video player anywhere on your website.

html5 video player review: see its dashboard and how you can customize it

Also, you can upload thumbnails for your video player as well. 

Supports All Major Browsers

There are various kinds of browsers available. People like to use many of them for their convenience. But you don’t have to worry about HTML5 Video Player not working on those browsers. 

The plugin supports all major browsers-

  • IE7
  • IE8
  • IE9
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • and Chrome

Responsive & Unlimited Videos

And of course, the video players created using the HTML5 Video Player plugin are all responsive. As people are leaning towards using mobile devices to visit any website and view its content, it is very important to have responsive websites. 

The same goes for the content of the website as well. The elements you add to your website need to be responsive as well. And HTML5 Video Player is responsive. 

Along with that, you can create unlimited videos using the free version. There are no restrictions in creating videos. 


  • The video player is very compact so it does not take a lot of space on the website
  • HTML5 compatible. Video files embedded with this plugin will play on iOS devices
  • Use the autoplay option to play a video file as soon as the page loads
  • User-friendly dashboard. 

So these are the features in the free version of the plugin. 

Now, let’s see what can we expect in the pro version of the HTML5 Video Player plugin. 

HTML5 Video Player Review: The Pro Version

The pro version of the HTML5 Video Player plugin has all the right features to add professional-looking videos to your site. Along with all the features of the free version, you will also get, 

Customizable Video Player & More Video Type

You will get more options to customize the video player in the pro version. 

Also, when you start creating a video player, you will get extra two options for video player type: Youtube, or Vimeo. You can add different chapters, customized download URLs, an Overlay option, subtitles/captions, and more.  

You can also add brand color and secondary player color that will work as a hover color. 

Here’s what the video player will look like, 

customizing video with html5 video player for wordpress

You can learn to customize the video player by reading the HTML5 Video Player customization guide. 

Multiple Subtitle Option

People from all over the world will view your videos. And not everyone speaks English or your local language. So for their convenience, you need to add subtitles or captions to your videos. 

Luckily, you can do that in the HTML5 Video Player. You can add multiple subtitle files to your video player. 

Multiple Subtitle Option of html5 video player

Video Converter

Yes, you can convert your .srt file to .vtt video file. Go to Convert .srt to .vtt from Settings. Convert the .srt file to .vtt from here, upload the .srt file and convert it.

Video Converter of html5 video player

Player Translation

The HTML5 Video Player will allow you to set the labels in your preferred languages or in your preferred text. You can customize the Restart, Rewinds, Play, Pause, forwards, Seek,Played, Buffered, Current time, Duration, Volume, Mute, Unmute, Enable captions, Disable captions, Download, and more. 

The HTML5 Video Player plugin pro version also has features including:

  • Color changing Option.
  • Add Videos from external sources such as Amazon S3 / other hosts
  • Video Quality Switcher
  • Increase Page load speed by changing Preload option.
  • Added Restart, Fast forward, Rewind button
  • Show / Hide download button
  • Control Video speed And Quality Like YouTube
  • View counts
  • Protected content and more. 

WordPress HTML5 Video Player Pricing

So, you must be curious about what you need to spend to buy the pro version with these amazing features. You will be surprised to know that the plugin is very much affordable. 

HTML5 video player pricing

Add Videos to Your Website with Ease

Videos have become an important factor in driving traffic to your website. Not only you can show features, and use cases of your products but also display client testimonials. That will bring more social proof and relevancy to your products. 

And after reading the HTML5 Video Player review, hopefully, you know that this plugin has all the features to display videos on your site in an amazing way. Also, the plugin has a detailed guide on how you can configure the plugin. 

If you run into any trouble, do let us know in the comment section. We are happy to help. 

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