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The audio player block is an awesome plugin to embed the audio player in the website. This plugin supports multiple audio as a playlist and also a single audio file as a non-playlist player. This plugin is fully customizable. All the options can be arranged according to own desire.

Periodically, this plugin releases 2 versions & improves its service. The versions are:-

Version 1.0.0 – It is the initial version of this plugin.
Version 1.0.1 – Update the readme & fixed mirror issues.

Currently, this plugin has active installations more than 300+ users.

Installation process

Automatic process
1. Log in to the website dashboard.
2. Then hover on the “Plugins” option from the navigation menu & click on the “Add new” option from its submenu.
3. Search for the plugin “Audio Player Block”. The search bar is situated at the top right corner.
4. Result will appear, find the plugin from the result list & click on the “Install Now” option.
5. When the installation is finished, click the “Activate” option. Usually, the installation process takes a couple of seconds.
6. Now the website is ready to use the “Audio Player Block” plugin.

On the other hand, to use this plugin “download & upload” process can be applied. The process is:-

Manual process
1. Download the “Audio Player Block” plugin as a .zip file from the WordPress directory or any other third-party source. (Make sure the third-party websites plugin developer is legitimate.)
2. Log in to the website dashboard.
3. Hover on the “Plugins” option from the navigation menu & click on the “Add new” option from its submenu.
4. Click on the “Upload Plugin” option and choose the .zip file from the local computer directory.
5. Then click on the “Install Now” option.
6. After installation is complete, click the “Activate” option and enjoy the plugin.

For any type of reason, to deactivate this plugin hover on the “Plugins” option from the navigation menu & then click “Installed Plugins”. With all other plugins “Audio Player Block” plugin will also appear there. Then deactivate it from the website.

Usage Process

1. Log in to the website dashboard.
2. Hover on the “Page” option and click on “Add new”. Same instruction in case of a post too.
3. Click on the “+” icon, which is the block editor/ Gutenberg editor of WordPress.
4. Search “Audio Player” from the search bar & click on the Audio Player to add the block.
5. From the right side “Block” option, upload the audio file & cover photo. Title & Artist name can be set. & with a single audio file, many more audios also can be set. From player settings, the width of the audio block can be customized.

That’s all about the “Audio Player Block” plugin. If any question arises, ask us without any delay & also read our other articles if you are interested. Thank you.

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